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Off the top of my head I know I have some things from Apuweiser-riche, Snidel, and one of those Samantha Thavasa brands.

I actually like gothic fashion myself so I'm interested. It feels so nice to not have to wear all black anymore, but at this point I'm so used to it that I don't want to change. Sexy office girl fuck. Sometimes pants are light wash. Hitomi mochizuki naked. Mine touch and they don't rub either, it doesn't take stick legs to avoid skin irritation. It's hard to describe my style but I guess athletic or Japanese goth seems to look really nice with flashy sneakers since they wear those a lot If you're looking to find them I forgot to add I found my favorite pair at a thrift shop.

I really like the dolly eye look… Probably because I have weak-looking eyes ya, east asian here and mascara makes the lashes I've spent 10 minutes crimping flop straight back. Im too lazy to make a chart. I don't even wear jewelry to spice it up.

I've had it for a while now and it's held up nice as long as you take care of it. I like the freedom of being able to wear vinyl trousers one day, a dress the next, and ripped shorts and fishnets the day after. Booty milf ass. For casual days I just wear a tee and jeans.

And I'm also obsessed with fluffy, pink, pom-pom laden things. They're comfortable and flattering. I guess I'll post a few different outfit co-ordinations over time as they takes ages. Miss me with that. I look myself in the mirror and it's like, yas queen, but then it's all ruined after someone lies their eyes on me. I found it easiest to start by finding images of people in outfits I liked and them emulating the outfit as closely as possible.

I'd like to do something like this for my wardrobe. Check out the plus size, kids, and men's sections as well as women's. I actually have the Alien Reebok stompers and plan to get the new ones coming out this summer.

Also what hair colour do you envision going well with this? Either that or black skinny jeans or really deep wine and a black flowy shirt or just plain t-shirt. And I have conflicting style desires of "glam, high fashion,corporate boss lady",and "effortless,boho, vintage casual". This is the best life. Www erotic nudes. Do you have any tips for thrifting?

I use so much that I probably have lung and uterine cancer. I like seeing what other farmers are wearing. Don't knock the bag, that burger fits so much shit in there, it's magical.

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Problem is I'm 5'3 so sometimes it's hard to find jeans that fit without having to fix the length, so trousers fit me better imo. They're comfortable and flattering. Lesbian forced slave. JPG also imagine two layered pairs of black fleece tights and lined hat and gloves on here for winter and that's the only variation.

Not looking forward to it, using this thread as inspo. Body trolling really pisses me off though, and I get the feeling some farmers probably aren't going to be able to control their shitposting.

Fit and flare is fashion for a woman's body. I've had it for a while now and it's held up nice as long as you take care of it. At the beginning of the year, my mom told me I look embarassing so I went out a few months ago, and purchased a new wardrobe, mainly of tight fitting croptops, from American Apparel, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters.

I literally have 6 of the same cheap Amazon black turtleneck dress. Also, rubbing a little deodorant where your thighs touch can help with chub rub. If you want to dress more maturely, don't let your height get in the way though. I have a lot of somewhat weeby Jfash stuff in my closet but I never wear it because I feel like an idiot in it. Hairy milf solo videos. Hitomi mochizuki naked. I really want to try boho fashion though. Then in uni I had a girl freak because she's been searching high and low for it and it was considered "a rare treasure".

I'd kill myself before wearing ballet flats honestly. I go through pic related lip balms like socks, they smell amazing. Today I was reading this topic and tried online shopping.

Swing dresses, petticoat if it's not too hot and wiggle dresses. I bet most of you are fucking disgusting IRL, there's no other reason why you'd all be so obsessed with judging these small things. What shape is your figure, and who do you consider very well dressed among maybe celebrities or ig people or whatever. Would look bomb with a big hat and some subtle jewelry. I'm too lazy to make a picture. Big tits black bra. This thread really isn't that serious. Nature goth bottom left can look good if done right though.

They get some very unique sets in from time to time and I can actually afford most of their brands. Mostly mascara, bit of tightline eyeliner, and a contour shade on the eyelids. Those skirts and the cream top especially. These are the cheaper bags that luxury designers put out.

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You've got to, right? I ended up cropping a lot of my hoodies and oversized shirts and I think the look nice. Hot naked ebony lesbians. Vernis, Epi, and Damier Azul are my shit Vernis has monograms but is a lot less noticeable. I opt for dresses and skirts, usually paired with a sweater. If this was true, they'd be worn as leggings or pants. Commiefornia basic bitch core.

I don't really fuck with jewelery outside of watches, my nails are short and polish-less. I've tried larme-esque elements, but I'm not super fond of clothing that looks like lingerie. Highly recommend them if you're after a smart shoe. Deborah ann gaetano naked Basically a western burka. Hitomi mochizuki naked. My city's public transport is a travesty so I bike to college and walk a lot can't even drivewhich resulted in owning mainly comfortable clothes and flat shoes with one pair of courts for funerals and fancy events.

Are you all secretly hoping someone is a cow so you can project your own fits of rage at someone? Not all black necessarily, but mostly neutral tone items with a few really beautiful color pieces.

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